Saturday, 24 September 2016

Introducing: The Wall of Patreons (and new content!)

You're the creative type, right? Me too! Capturing beautiful footage brings me a little closer to nature and giving away Creative Commons clips for FREE helps thousands of people to be creative.

Below are the fantastic people who have 
been helping thousands of people too! Creating this footage not only requires equipment but a great deal of time. Their support has made it possible to continue to create Creative Commons content and sharing it with you.

Would you like to support NatureClip? Not only do you get that warmth from the knowledge that you have helped thousands of people to be creative like yourself, you also get special perks as a token of my appreciation for your support. Learn more here:

You can also make a one-off donation for as little as 1$ using PayPal - all donations go back into keeping this site running and sharing FREE stock footage for thousands of people!

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New content:

Check out my latest content filmed with a home-made macro lens on my GoPro!

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