Even more GREAT resources

You're looking for high quality content right? Free you say? Well, all right here you go.

These all provide excellent quality footage. There are so many great sites out there but I've either used, uploaded or personally seen footage from their site so these have my personal seal of approval. They are presented in alphabetical order below to avoid favouritism ;) 

Want your site on here? Get in touch and I'll look into it.

Beachfront B roll 
Professional stock footage under a Creative Commons license. If you haven't found this site yet you are in for a treat. 


Footage Island
12 new FREE clips every week! What are you waiting for? 


Creative Commons music by Kevin MacLeod - needs to introduction, probably the most sourced free music out there. Not only high quality but also very helpful in sorting out those false copyright claims on creative commons music.  


The Clip Archive
This site provides an to preview and download links to over 7500 free videos


UK based company with over 2700 free clips (including some from yours truly) . They also have some excellent competitions for uploaders. A must for any budding videographer. 


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